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Sports Psychology

There have been many instances throughout sporting history when a player or team has, on the verge of victory, had what is known as a ‘choke’. Almost a dirty word to most athletes for fear of its suggestibility, the mere idea of seizing up mentally and physically in a moment of crucial importance can be enough to ensure that it is more likely to happen. From Rory McIlroy’s calamitous 2011 Masters’ capitulation to Tim Henman’s infamous meltdown in the 2001 Wimbledon Semi-Final, there are a number of differing theories why such events occur. Some people lay the blame firmly at the door of pressure, others will point the finger at lack of composure or failure to focus.

What does ‘choke‘ actually mean ?

The sporting definition of choke is the concept that a player feels pressure, becomes tense, has increased heart rate and rapid breathing but these are all ordinary states for an athlete in play. The most decisive factor however is the psychological response to these components and it is when this response becomes unmanageable that is commonly described as the choke.


Lewis, in the video above, explains how different he feels after completing The Thrive Programme with me. From a shy 15 year old boy who frequently lost control of his emotions whilst playing Squash (which he hopes to do professionally) to a happy, socially confident young man who is playing without fear!

Choking occurs when your mind prevents you from performing at your best. It is essentially a performance anxiety and it can manifest itself in a number of ways:

  • Doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Apprehension
  • Tension
  • Confusion
  • Loss of confidence
  • Fear
  • Mistrust in own ability

Any one of these individual factors could be enough for a player to miss that penalty kick, lose that decisive point or to hit that hurdle. There is also the possibility that after someone has choked once they will start to worry and become fretful about whether it will re-occur, will it become a ‘thing’? Once these fresh doubts have entered the fray, it can be very easy for an otherwise competent and confident athlete to feel a distinct loss of control and to heap further pressure onto themselves. Thus making it more likely to happen again. This can very quickly become a cycle of behaviour that can, without the correct intervention, be very difficult to break.

However, with the correct amount of insight and understanding into the psychological components that are present, it is something that can be overcome fairly quickly.


…it’s like a fog has been lifted…

Nick, 43


The Thrive Programme for Sporting Performance Anxiety

If you suffer from the perils of choking, or simply want to learn how to perform to the best of your ability then I can show you how. Using the amazing Thrive Programme, tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements, I will teach you everything you need to know in order to truly understand the psychological processes that currently hold you back from performing to the very best of your ability.

The Thrive Programme can help you completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and your capabilities, enabling you to overhaul your approach to pressure, competition and performance.


When you absolutely understand how your mind operates, such as the interaction between your thinking, beliefs, personality and feelings, you will feel much more empowered and in control. When you recognise that almost all of your worries, stresses, problems and symptoms are either created, maintained or worsened by poorly managed thinking, you will feel fabulously empowered…and because YOU created these problems then YOU can change them!

  • No Myths
  • No Magic
  • No Mumbo-Jumbo

It is simply an empowering and liberating psychological training programme, created with proven scientific research, and with your input and effort, it will empower you to regain control over the issues that could be the difference between failure and success.


Simon Mason ATPC

Simon Mason ATPC

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