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Treatment for Gambling addiction: Clinics in Rickmansworth, St.Albans, Oxford & Aylesbury.

Research suggests that a staggering 70% of over 18’s take part in gambling on a regular basis. That’s around 35 million people in the UK alone. Granted, many of these people will be gambling only on the National Lottery but, if you take the lottery players out of the equation, there are still 56% of adults who regularly gamble on either horse races or dog races with a bookmaker, in casinos, online on poker, bingo, casino and slot machine style games and gambling on fixed odds betting terminals found in every high street bookmakers.

Basically – it’s everywhere.

Is your gambling out of control?

Many millions of these players gamble, and let’s face it – mostly lose, without it becoming much of a problem or having a significant impact on them or their lives.  Yet for many others gambling and the excitement it brings can morph from an occasional pound on the Grand National or scratch-card at the local newsagents into a severe and incredibly harmful way of life. The devastating side-effects of terrible financial hardships including bankruptcy, loss of residence, breakdown of relationships and family units have been widely felt for many years. It is likely that you, now that you’re reading this page, can personally identify with some of these circumstances or you know someone embroiled in this downward spiral and wish to help.

Many gamblers feel that money is the root of their gambling habit; that the lure of that ‘big’ win is the driving force behind their behaviour. In actual fact it is almost an unheard of event for a gambler to stop gambling once they have made some money. It is much more common for a gambler to gain a little profit and then to continue gambling until all of that profit and much more is gone. Over 90% of gamblers in a casino are ‘ahead’ at some point in their visit but it is very rare for them to stop at this point. Indeed, if it were so, then the casinos would very quickly go out of business. The gambling establishment is heavily reliant on the persistence of the gambler to remain in business; the thrill of the bet, the excitement of the potential risk and ultimately, the lack of control of the bettor in their endeavour to recreate that thrill is the very environment that they supply.

So much so, that even those who have exceedingly large wins in bookmakers and casinos, either in situ or online, have shown a tendency to return the winnings to the ‘house’ in dribs & drabs over time. So we can know that it is the thrill that is being sought and not necessarily the financial gain.

There will always be an explanation as to why some people slip into problem gambling whilst others can enjoy it safely.

Perhaps the thrill of a flutter is seen as an escape from the strains and rigmarole of everyday life. Possibly your life feels empty or lacking in direction or purpose and the gambling fills that void. Often, it is a coping mechanism to deal with negative emotions. Perhaps you may also feel that you don’t have the willpower or capability to resist.

Why do people lose control?

There are a lot of mistruths out there as to why people have a gambling ‘addiction’ – indeed about all addictions…whether that is alcohol, nicotine, porn or whatever. People who suffer from debilitating gambling compulsions tend to feel very powerless and helpless about their ability to overcome their problem… they become very ‘external’ about it. They start to believe that somehow their symptom is happening ‘to’ them and that it is beyond their control.

Once this mindest has become established it is very difficult for the gambler to see their habit as anything other than an overpowering addiction.

Treatments for gambling addiction, such as hypnotherapy, can mainly help to give you a quick boost, to help you to feel more in control and empowered. However, if you want to get yourself back in control of your habits, thoughts, behaviours and life, give me a call. All of these things can be yours again !


I haven’t even thought about gambling since I started the programme with Simon !

Trevor, 32, consulted for gambling addiction (2018)


The Thrive Programme for help with Gambling addictions

If you suffer from the perils of a gambling addiction, The Thrive Programme is entirely about you ! It is a revolutionary and highly effective training programme which will teach you to understand how to grasp control of the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that make you feel dependent upon the thrill that you feel.

The Thrive Programme can help you completely change the way you think and feel about yourself, enabling you to beat your gambling addiction in just six weekly sessions.

When you absolutely understand how your mind operates, such as the interaction between your thought and beliefs about yourself and your behaviours, you will feel much more empowered and in control. When you recognise that almost all of your worries, stresses and habits are either created, maintained and worsened by your belief systems, you will feel fabulously empowered……..and because YOU created these problems then YOU can change them!

This course of treatment does not contain any myths, magic or mumbo-jumbo. It is simply an empowering and liberating psychological training programme, created with proven scientific research, and with your input, it will allow you to overcome your gambling addiction and regain your freedom. You will find that it is much easier and faster than you ever believed to take control and get the life you desire !


Simon Mason ATPC

Simon Mason ATPC

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