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Simon Mason ATPC

About Simon

Simon is a full-time Thrive Programme Consultant & Mentor, committed to helping anyone who wants to learn how to Thrive. He is an integral member of the Thrive Programme’s Management Team, which is responsible for the continued development and growth of the Programme, its Consultants and the Thrivers themselves.

Let’s hear from Simon…

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an unhealthy fascination with what makes people tick. I’ve always strived to understand the psychology behind why people do the things they do, why they say the things they say and why they think the things they do. My father, who was a Professor of Forensic Psychiatry at Broadmoor Hospital, would tell me snippets of some of the conversations he would have with his clients and, I suppose from that point, my interest was piqued.

As a child, I remember having a ‘psychology for kids’ book (that for the life of me I can’t remember the title of) and I would leaf through the pages, amazed at some of the insights that it gave me. Just simple stuff like why people avoid eye contact on the tube and why some people are scared of things that others are absolutely fine with. I suppose it got me to question why.

Fast forward a couple of decades…

As a fairly anxious mid-thirties man, I was introduced to The Thrive Programme by a friend, eventually seeing a Consultant who guided me through it. What a brilliant journey that was. Almost immediately I had my answer. The question of ‘why’ suddenly had answers…and it was so simple!


Now, a few years later, I am a fully qualified & licensed Consultant and I love it. The chance to work with so many people, from kids to golden oldies(!), people with all sorts of issues and symptoms and teaching them to be happy, be confident and to have the emotional resilience to be who they want to be. I have seen hundreds clients from all over the globe, from the USA, Egypt, Belgium, Australia (as well as good old blighty too!) and it’s a fantastic feeling to help change someone’s life. Giving people the understanding to know themselves and the insight to change is so rewarding. The reviews I have on my ‘Meet my clients’ page are testament to that !

As always, I am more than happy to answer any questions that anyone may have. Please do call or email.

It might just be the best decision you’ve ever made.


(and now for some shameless quotes ex-clients have said about me)

I cannot recommend Simon’s help enough, he is so kind,

patient and has a great sense of humour

Olivia, 21

I enjoyed talking with Simon, who was relaxed, humorous and friendly, which

made it seem more like as I was catching up with a friend rather than

speaking with a therapist

Jo, 45

Simon is so easy to talk to. He is intelligent, challenging, funny, sharp and

seemed to get a real understanding of who I am very quickly

Zosia, 38