//What must they think ?

What must they think ?

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Nowadays, with modern life being the way it is, we are constantly bombarded, through a multitude of media platforms, with images and subversive messages telling us that we must ‘be’ a certain way, have a particular product, wear the latest fashion or conform to what is socially expected of us…
And if we do not wear those trainers, or own that smartphone, or possess skin that flawless, or have enough Facebook friends what does that make us ? Well, that all really depends on you !
The social pressures felt by the current generation, and indeed the ones preceding, can seem quite intense. The burden of having to conform to current fashion and ‘fit in’ with their social peers can be quite overwhelming at times. The fear of being seen as an outsider or someone who doesn’t quite belong can be a definite factor in the establishing and maintenance of what is known as social anxiety. It is this very fear of social judgement and the negative connotations that it may bring that create this anxiety.

Thus, the idea that the harsh judgement of others will be forthcoming should we not have/do/think the things that we perceive others may expect of us, is something that we create in ourselves and may never even occur. Driven by our own levels of self-worth, social anxiety can be a debilitating form of anxiety, where some sufferers may take excessive steps to counter-act this perceived judgement in social situations. Others may simply avoid social interactions altogether. It can become all-consuming and hugely detrimental to the sufferers quality of life.
In my sessions as a Licenced Thrive Programme Consultant, I work with clients who suffer with social anxiety, helping them to understand that the thinking behind the anxiety is the driving force rather than the social experiences themselves. When you truly understand that what you think about yourself dictates how you feel in social settings, you will be able to take off those chains and be free.
If you’re feeling the pressures of life are taking their toll on you, then call me for a chat and I can explain how The Thrive Programme can help turn your life into what you want it to be.
Simon Mason


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