//Rock and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place

Rock hard placeHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to make a decision but cannot, no matter how much you try? And when I say decision I mean a real decision, one that carries weight, one that actually means something, so if you’re casting your mind back to that time when you couldn’t decide whether to have McDonalds or Burger King, think again. If you have, ask yourself why you couldn’t decide. What was it that caused you to sway from one decision to the other?
During these ‘big decision’ moments, some tend to dither between options, or swing back and forth between the two, applying huge amounts of effort into ensuring that the right choice will be made, only to find that the eventual decision is delayed. Often a degree of anxiety is created due to the inability to decide. But what is the driving force behind the disparity that some people can easily make decisions whereas others find themselves unable to make the call? The answer can often be due to perfectionist thinking.
Perfectionist thinking insofar that, rather than the overall stumbling block being the inability to decide on the most preferable option, the fear of making the wrong decision carries more emotion. Those perfectionist thinkers may find that it is their reluctance to be responsible for making a potentially incorrect decision, and thus an intolerance for that possible outcome, that drives them to delay, switch incessantly between options, overthink or put decisions off altogether.
Perfectionism is one of the many components of our thinking, and our ability to manage it effectively, that is covered in The Thrive Programme.
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