//The Clue is in the Title

The Clue is in the Title

ImproveSelfEsteem_thumbIf you have ever asked yourself the question ‘How high is my self-esteem?’ what was the first thing that came into your mind?
There are a number of different factors that people usually take into account when attempting to evaluate their own self-esteem. Some will ask themselves ‘Am I happy?’ Some will ponder ‘How much do people like me?’ or even ‘Am I popular?’ in order to help them answer the question. There are those that will query ‘Am I successful?’ or ‘Do I have a nice house?’ or even ‘Do I have enough money?’ in an attempt to find evidence that would support a high self-esteem. Some would believe that the absence of such things would indicate a low self-esteem. These are common misconceptions which people will look to in order to evaluate their own self-worth. This is evident in the number of people who have all the things they think they ‘should’ have but still don’t feel great about themselves.
Whether you’re loaded or watching the pennies, whether you’re very well liked or have a small select circle of friends, whether you are a successful businessman or a minimum wage earner your self –esteem is decided by one simple question…’What do I think about me?’
One of the psychological foundations that The Thrive Programme addresses is your self-esteem which is, very simply put, a case of what YOU think about YOU. If your thoughts about yourself are positive, kind, charitable and loving thoughts then it is likely that your self-esteem is high and robust. If however, you have a noticeable proportion of thoughts about yourself that are harsh, critical, judgmental and unkind then it is likely that your self-esteem is low and in need of repair.
Changing the way you think about yourself with The Thrive Programme is an incredibly effective way to ensure that your level of self-esteem is dictated by one thing and one thing only – YOU.
If you feel that your self-esteem isn’t what it should be, take control and call me for a FREE CONSULTATION where I can explain just how much The Thrive Programme can help. But you don’t have to believe me…you can read the testimonials of previous clients for yourself !
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