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Hi, I’m Simon Mason and I’m a fully qualified and experienced Thrive Programme Consultant and Psychotherapist providing fast, effective and lasting help for sufferers of many symptoms. I work regularly from my practices in  North London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Feel free to browse my website to see exactly how I can help you turn your life around. For more information, you can click on the ‘symptoms’ link above. If you’d like further details, I’d be more than happy to chat so call me at my Aylesbury Clinic on 01296 583789 or my mobile on 07789 600 199.

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Aaron’s amazing story…


“I was introduced to the Thrive programme and had six sessions with Simon Mason, and I can honestly say it was a revelation to me and has completely changed my life. I have been more in control than I have ever been and I feel better about myself than I ever have. After six weeks I see a positive rosy future for myself and my son. So a big thanks to Simon”
T.A.S. Consulted for low self-esteem and alcohol problems
“Simon is so easy to talk to. He is intelligent, challenging, funny, sharp and seemed to get a real understanding of who I am very quickly. He knew how to question me in such a way that would make me think about aspects of my beliefs in a different way. “
Zosia, 38
“I feel I can now deal with whatever life throws at me and use the energy I was wasting worrying in a positive way. Thank you so much Simon!”
Steve. Consulted for anxiety & fear of public speaking

Video Testimonials

It’s often best to hear from those that have first hand experience of The Thrive Programme. I have put together some great video testimonials, please click below to find out more.

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Skype Sessions

If travelling or distance is a factor, or if indeed you are living abroad, I can be available to conduct the consultation and sessions over webcam using skype, please click below to find out more.

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Simon’s Latest Blog

Why Children say ‘I can’t…

Parenting can be the hardest job there is. A lifelong commitment, you teach your children how to walk, how to talk, you teach them good manners and much more. You encourage, support, comfort, reassure and inspire your children in order to help them grow up to be good, decent adults. But, if you are there to help, protect and to catch them when they fall, why do children say ‘I can’t…’?

Every parent has heard these immortal words uttered from their child. Whether they’re spoken by a nervous boy, stood on the side of a swimming pool, refusing to jump in the water, or a girl who is afraid to talk to the other girls in the schoolyard, or a child who feels incapable of trying hard in a particular school lesson, the foundations of this LACK of belief in themselves is entirely the same…

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